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 from the  Diafani  A to Z   list  of  the website  WELCOME  TO  DIAFANI  (www.diafani.com)

There is a local bus, which serves the community of Olymbos-Diafani.
The bus timetable is usually nailed to the tree outside the traditional local Kafeneion. You buy your ticket from the driver on board.

This bus usually goes to the New Port of Diafani to meet the Ferry Ship to transport the passengers who want to go up to the hilltop village of Olymbos.
If you want to avoid the walk from the port to the village of Diafani it is possible to ask the driver to just take you to the central seafront of Diafani, near the “periptero” (kiosk).

This local bus also transports the children of Diafani who attend the school in Olymbos. The bus leaves Diafani from near the “periptero” early in the morning of every school-day, and brings the children back down from Olymbos at the end of the school day. It is usually possible to get a seat in the morning if you want to ask the driver to drop you at the crossroad to Avlona, or if you want to get to Olymbos before the tourist groups arrive.

From Spring to Autumn the Tourist Boats usually come up to Diafani from the town of Karpathos around 9.30 in the morning to bring groups of tourists for a day trip visit to the unique, traditional hilltop village of Olymbos. Each boat has its own big bus service to take their passengers up to the village and bring them back down to Diafani in time for their departure around 4.30 in the afternoon.
You will see these special buses in the morning waiting for their passengers near the “periptero”. It is sometimes possible to get a seat if the group leader agrees.

There are no buses to the various beaches around Diafani. The beaches are reached by footpaths or by one of the local Kaïki boats.

There are no public buses from Diafani to the other parts of the island of Karpathos.

In Diafani you will see some mini-buses, which belong to various local hotels. On the days of the Ferry Ship you will generally see these buses, clearly marked with the name of the hotel, parked along the road leading to the New Port. The hotel owners use these buses to transport the people who are booked into their hotel. They are not allowed to pick up arriving visitors who have not booked to stay in their hotel.


Boats to the beaches
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